Lilac and Lavender: Romantica Watercolour Painting

I created another watercolour romantic illustration. I like painting flowers with purple hues such as lavender or lilac. I like Purple, it is very calming colour. I get a calm feeling painting with certain colours. It helps to reduce stress. I was going to buy a specialised colour from Daniel Smiths but the winsor andContinue reading “Lilac and Lavender: Romantica Watercolour Painting”

I am on Periscope!

I am live on PERISCOPE between 6-9pm from Friday to Sunday every week!   Visit my Periscope to see the lastest boardcast —–> LIVE on #Periscope: Continue watercolour painting 👏🎨 #Art #painting #watercolour — Ree.Bek (@Reebeksart) November 19, 2016