Flower and Romance Watercolour

Manga watercolour and Copic illustrations. During last weekend, I decided to got back into watercolour painting. I chosen to use Hot Press 300g watercolour paper. It has a smoothing surface than cold press. I like drawing / painting subject with a Male romance and flowers because it very therapeutic to me. For the characters skinContinue reading “Flower and Romance Watercolour”

I am on Periscope!

I am live on PERISCOPE between 6-9pm from Friday to Sunday every week!   Visit my Periscope to see the lastest boardcast —–> https://www.periscope.tv/Reebeksart/1LyGBOLvRRWJN?t=2s LIVE on #Periscope: Continue watercolour painting 👏🎨 #Art #painting #watercolour https://t.co/p0yvMDKwCE — Ree.Bek (@Reebeksart) November 19, 2016  

Art Video: A flower Blossom In Winter

My third art painting video, I am getting better electing the right music for my videos. It is hard because I have to find the right music to match the theme of the painting. I hope you enjoy this videos and please watch my other art videos. also click like to show support and subscribe to my channelContinue reading “Art Video: A flower Blossom In Winter”