Fan Art: Turning PS4 into a Female Character

What if consoles gaming system were character, how would they look like? This was inspired by a lavenderTown’s on YouTube video. ‘If Consoles was Cute Girls’. It was something that interested me to try out. lavenderTown’s version is cool, I especially like the Nintendo switch a girl. The PS4 version was not as I imagined,Continue reading “Fan Art: Turning PS4 into a Female Character”

It’s not just “Art Style”

Recently I have been watching YouTube on “art style” How to find your art style. They are many different theories. Its not wrongs to say Art Style. But I like to use other art term than saying “art style”. To me it sounds some sort of quest for starting artist has to achieve in orderContinue reading “It’s not just “Art Style””

Background story of Anton aka Pink Boy

I think Anton aka Pink Boy it is because he an altar ego of myself. He is a recently new character I created. I made Anton to be an inspire to become DJ. His ambition is to become famous DJ. In his private time he like to do watercolour painting. Anton has two jobs, heContinue reading “Background story of Anton aka Pink Boy”