Attraction: Stay with me. Screenshots of my working process on Clipstudio Paint

To see earlier post of my comic works click here The story processes on, I’m still discovering got new techniques on the software and editing the story as I go along. I post screenshots on my twitter page @reebeksart. I want to be authentic in my drawing style, I included gesture scribbles/ lines. So farContinue reading “Attraction: Stay with me. Screenshots of my working process on Clipstudio Paint”

Live Streaming on Twitch

Hey guys, I have been streaming for a month now and ¬†thought it be good to share my past live streaming to show my creative process. I stream in HD quality. I did have technical issues with the software, it was crashing every time i try to open the software. But i think I solvedContinue reading “Live Streaming on Twitch”

Clip Studio Pro For Digital Manga Artwork

Hey Guys, I brought and downloaded Clip Studio Pro Software. I came across this software while watching digital speed painting on Youtube. I really liked the feature which includes ¬£D Models, line corrections, and comic layouts and much more. You can also create animation, i may do that in the future. I am practicing usingContinue reading “Clip Studio Pro For Digital Manga Artwork”