Singing in Japanese is Fun! Learn Japanese by Singing

Singing in Japanese is fun and effective. I like to sing than speaking. The anxiety and stress almost disappear when I sing. I love to sing anime opening songs. my favorite is One Piece and Junjo Romantica. They are both my favorite anime to watch.     Children learn the language effectively by singing. SingingContinue reading “Singing in Japanese is Fun! Learn Japanese by Singing”

How Do You Handle Criticism?

Handling criticism is an balancing act. Art in general a subjective topic. Criticism is can be hard! When I was younger I cried a lot if a teacher critis my artwork. I thought that they favour more other people’s than mine and I would complain a lot. In art education and in the commercial work,Continue reading “How Do You Handle Criticism?”

My Japanese Studies so Far

My Japanese studies might be on hold after the Christmas festive season. Instead I have been focusing on doing my manga comic on Clip studio. I downloaded a flash card apps to help me memorise the Japanese  phrases and sentences. I’m using Chegg Flash cards IOS app on my ITouch. you can create a categoryContinue reading “My Japanese Studies so Far”

My Japanese Studies so Far

I was slowing down on watching Japanese lesson YouTube because I was busy doing my manga projects. I was struggling to get motivated into studying again. I reviewed my Japanese notes on my iPad. I thought it be a good idea to practice handwriting in Japanese. So I re written the notes on my smallContinue reading “My Japanese Studies so Far”

I Went to the Library

図書館に行きました。 I今日の朝ごはんはヨーグルトとバナナでした。 ゆで卵をは食べない(食べませんでした)。 図書館に行きました。図書館で本を読んで、本を借りました。 まだ、私の小説を書いていません。書くかどうかも決めていません。 でも、絵を描きました。 日本語を勉強していません。 お母さんはテレビを見ています。

My Japanese studies so far

I have learnt so much grammar from Misa sensei on YouTube. Taking notes on Notebook app IOS. Recently I been focusing on other creative projects. This has slow down my study progress. I get tired of doing a lot of activity. Especially mental work such as studying, writing or drawing. I want to re thinkContinue reading “My Japanese studies so far”