Violet and Sqaure Fox : Digital Drawings

Violet new Character drawing by Rebekah Joseph 2017

To see more of my digital artwork visit my Ree.beks Illustrations Devianart Page 

squarefox having Tea
SqaureFox Having Tea by Rebekh Joseph 2017 

ProMarker Manga Drawings

ProMaker pen drawing, mystical Japanese character, by Rebekah Joseph, 2016

Recently, I started to use my Letraset Pro-Maker Pens again, I did not use the marker pens for a very long time and was going to sell them off but I could not find a place to sell or  them away. So I decided to use them all until they all run out on ink. I done a couple of drawings with the markers pens. I begin to enjoy using them again, I used the pens for manga drawings, it’s colours very well, it is great for character and design illustrations.


Promaker drawing, 2016 by Rebekah Joseph