Learning Japanese through Anime

While I continue to study Japanese daily. I also watch anime daily on CrunchyRoll. Which is like Netfilx for Anime. www.crunchyroll.com

CrunchyRoll have lots of Anime and drama to watch such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Sakura Card Captures and many more. You can also watch Crunchy Roll on the iPad or on Smart TV too. (it is annoying  that CrunchyRoll app is not available for Samsung TV)

I wish they had One Piece or Nichijou.

However i am starting the pick up new vocabulary from watching Anime, especially Slice of Life Anime genres because it mainly common words or phrase. I pay attention to commons word and add them to my vocabulary list. I use a NoteBook App for the IPad or Mac to add in new Japanese vocabulary words. I also look up the word on a Japanese  Dictionary site Jishou.org

Junjo Romantica 純情ロマンチカ

I was supired that they have Junjo Romanicta on Crunchy Roll. i have read the manga and love it since. it really about male relationships and how they cope with their feeling towards each other. The anime is the mild version of the manga but very good, they capture the characters very well. The manga book has lots of graphical detail of love-making, not for young readers.

I took a lot of useful  common vocabulary / phrase words from this Anime which really helped me in my Japanese studies.

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Greatest First Love 世界一初恋

From the same author as Junjo Romantica, this continue the Junjo Romantica sage with new lovers. it about a Ritsu Onodera who stared work at a Shoujo Manga editing department but there was a twist. Ritsu boss Takano San was his first lover from school. Takano San would not  give up on Ritsu until he fall in love with him again. It is an insight to being a manga editor in the publishing industry . I heared mostly common everyday words / phrase from this anime.

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Nichijou 日常

Nichijou is not Available on Crunchyroll but you can watch some clips on YouTube. it about of normal life but done it a wired, funny way. I really relate to Mio Chan who is my favourite character because she like me when i was young.  quiet, well-behaved,  does her homework on time but is a secret Yaoi Manga Artist.

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Photo 01-05-2018, 02 37 03


Japanese vocabulary word from Junjo Romantica Anime

楽しみ – たのしみ (な) pleasure

好き- すき (な) love / like

悔しい – くやしい annoying

気分 – きぶん feeling

静か – しずか (な) quiet

キス – kisu Kiss

親切 – しんせつ (な) gentle

触る- さわる to touch

純 – じゅん innocent

恋人 – こいびと lover

セックス – setuskusu sex

苺 – いちご strawberry

花 – はな flowers

薔薇 – ばら rose

ローズ – rose

熊 – くま bear

お兄さん – おにいさん older brother

放す- はなす let go

Collage Screenshot from an Anime

I  watched animation CrunchyRoll site. I watched The Worlds Greatest First Love the same creator as Junjo Romantica, it is a Boy love anime based from a manga. i started to screenshot scene and put them together in a collage. i used canva,com and the pre set templates to place the images. The anime is a proper love story with lots of emotion and dept. (yep there is a lot of kissing) I really enjoy watching the anime.

Creating collages feel very therapeutic and relaxing. I like putting images i like together. i do collage a lot on my iPad with an app.  sometimes it is nice to put images together to see how it will look collectively.


I have created a eight collages designs with different templates and panels. it looks like a mini manga comic.

The World’s Greatest First Love anime


Digital Manga Illustration

Recently i have been doing much more digital manga drawings using Clip Studio Ex. I currently working on a comic. I also live stream my drawings on Twtich @reebeksart

I have more time on my hands to devote more into manga illustrations.

The digital artworks is also available on my Deviantart page.


Onsen Love Little Serect Illustration
Onsen Love: Our Little secretEnter a caption
Chain to You illustration
I’m Chained to You
Lance and Dr.Dresser
Lance and Dr.Dresser 
Pink Boy
Pink Boy