I Started to Buy BL Manga from Japan!

Yes, that right! I started on buying collecting Japanese manga straight from Japan. I bought my manga from a site called CD Japan. I discovered CD Japan on social media.  I have never ordered items from overseas. however, the customs law has changed in the UK (more information about custom tax and Duty please visitContinue reading “I Started to Buy BL Manga from Japan!”

My Digital Artwork Portfolio 2020

2020 was the year I did a lot of Yaoi manga illustrations. I also focused on my BL manga projects. I was very productive during 2020. I think my artwork has become more polished and my digital technique has improved.. I also did a lot of erotic hentai artwork I would like to continue drawingContinue reading “My Digital Artwork Portfolio 2020”

Yaoi Review: Therapy Game By Meguru Hinohara volumes 1 and 2

A plan of Seduction Listen to my review on Therapy Game on my Podcast on Spotify Shizuma wakes up to a man next to him. he couldn’t remember a thing last night as Shizuma was drinking his sorrow away after been dumped by his girlfriend. Minato felt annoyed by this and wanted to take revengeContinue reading “Yaoi Review: Therapy Game By Meguru Hinohara volumes 1 and 2”

Fun Night At The Karaokekan: BL Manga

This manga is a very short, one shot manga. only 10 pages long of Takeshi and Satoshi love scene. this manga is from my short story ATTRACTION: Fun Night At The Karaokekan publish on Wattpad Also read my other manga Stay With Me Manga and CATBOY I would love to hear your feedback. And shareContinue reading “Fun Night At The Karaokekan: BL Manga”

Reebek’s 10 Favourite Yaoi/BL Manga 2020

I though to share my favourite BL Yaoi mangas. Some are obvious but you get to know what my taste is and what kind of manga I enjoy reading. 1. Junjo Romantica 2. Crimson Spell 3. Embracing Love 4. Punch up 5. World’s Greatest first love 6. Finder 7. Coyote 8. Hammered and Pounded 9.Continue reading “Reebek’s 10 Favourite Yaoi/BL Manga 2020”

Yaoi Manga Review: Just Another Hard Day At Work!

  Author: Nerima zim Publisher: Takeshobo co.ltd. Genre: Slice of Life, Drama, Naughty Office Fun Just another hard day at work is cute and naughty. Nozomu is always asking Teppei to help get the work done before the deadlines, But Teppie has a crush on Nozomu and will only help him if he gets to haveContinue reading “Yaoi Manga Review: Just Another Hard Day At Work!”

My Dears collection is Finally Complete

I finally got volume 8 after waiting years for the manga to be available to buy second on Amazon. Dears is my one favourite manga and my first ever manga book I brought. It has been abroad with me to Jamaica. This manga is very sentimental to me and Ho,d a lot of memories withContinue reading “My Dears collection is Finally Complete”

Yaoi Manga Review: Embracing Love by Youka Nitta

Author: Youka Nitta Genre: slice of life, romance Publisher: Sublime Manga One word. HOT! I wanted to read something new. My Yaoi book collection is growing. Soon I be running out of space to store my books. I heard Embracing Love by Youka Nitta, highly recommended by readers. I have read Spiritual Police and IContinue reading “Yaoi Manga Review: Embracing Love by Youka Nitta”