My Japanese Studies so Far

I was slowing down on watching Japanese lesson YouTube because I was busy doing my manga projects. I was struggling to get motivated into studying again. I reviewed my Japanese notes on my iPad. I thought it be a good idea to practice handwriting in Japanese. So I re written the notes on my smallContinue reading “My Japanese Studies so Far”

My Japanese studies so far

I have learnt so much grammar from Misa sensei on YouTube. Taking notes on Notebook app IOS. Recently I been focusing on other creative projects. This has slow down my study progress. I get tired of doing a lot of activity. Especially mental work such as studying, writing or drawing. I want to re thinkContinue reading “My Japanese studies so far”

The Red Pen for Practicing Writing Japanese

I do a lot of note taking on my iPad. But I still want to practice hand writing on paper. I just copy the Japanese sentences from the Notebook or One Day app by hand. It actually helped me remember sentences. I do this one a week when I have time. I am also practicingContinue reading “The Red Pen for Practicing Writing Japanese”

Learning Japanese through Anime

While I continue to study Japanese daily. I also watch anime daily on CrunchyRoll. Which is like Netfilx for Anime. CrunchyRoll have lots of Anime and drama to watch such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Sakura Card Captures and many more. You can also watch Crunchy Roll on the iPad or on Smart TV too.Continue reading “Learning Japanese through Anime”

Japanese server on Discord

I normally use Discord for twitch but now I regularly use it for communicating with my viewer from twitch. You will find chat server like paladins gaming or discussions. There is a Category on my Discord now callled #learningJapanese on Discord where you can add in Japanese videos lesson and Japanese vocabulary. If you areContinue reading “Japanese server on Discord”

Basic Verbs in Japanese

#Japanese#verb • 教え – おしえる to teach • 起きる – おきる to get up • 寝る – ねる to sleep • 見る – みる to watch or to see • 話す – はなす to talk • 読む よむ to read • 飲む – のむ to drink • 買う – かうto buy • 会う – あうContinue reading “Basic Verbs in Japanese”