Yaoi Review: Therapy Game By Meguru Hinohara volumes 1 and 2

A plan of Seduction Listen to my review on Therapy Game on my Podcast on Spotify Shizuma wakes up to a man next to him. he couldn’t remember a thing last night as Shizuma was drinking his sorrow away after been dumped by his girlfriend. Minato felt annoyed by this and wanted to take revengeContinue reading “Yaoi Review: Therapy Game By Meguru Hinohara volumes 1 and 2”

Manga Review: Punch Up! by Shiuko Kano

English Publication: Sublime Manga Art and story by Shiuko Kano Romance, Since of Life, drama, comedy Punch Up, it has everything I like, Interesting character, engaging storyline, and hot sex! Plus there are Cats I did not know what to expect from reading Punch Up. but from the first volume. I’m HOOKED! What I likedContinue reading “Manga Review: Punch Up! by Shiuko Kano”

BL Manga Book Review: NightS by Kou Yoneda

NightS by Kou Yondea English published by SublimeManga NightS by Kou Yondea It is one of those manga book that took me by surprise. There are main stories Nights, Emotional Spectrum and Reply. The manga mainly focuses on attraction. it very sensual and moody. the artist used of tone to set the sensuous ambience ofContinue reading “BL Manga Book Review: NightS by Kou Yoneda”