I am on Periscope!

I am live on PERISCOPE between 6-9pm from Friday to Sunday every week!   Visit my Periscope to see the lastest boardcast —–> https://www.periscope.tv/Reebeksart/1LyGBOLvRRWJN?t=2s LIVE on #Periscope: Continue watercolour painting 👏🎨 #Art #painting #watercolour https://t.co/p0yvMDKwCE — Ree.Bek (@Reebeksart) November 19, 2016  

Tutorial: The Pen and Paths on Adobe Photoshop

This is an easy tutorial for anyone who want to edit and rearrange the images with the pen and path tools. How to use the pen tool and other features and functions on Adobe Photoshop will become very useful for future projects or artworks. Tool and Features used are: pen tool Paths layers place FreeContinue reading “Tutorial: The Pen and Paths on Adobe Photoshop”

Creative Plan and Actions for this Summer

Header image was done on Photoshop  My creative actions plan for this summer is getting back into rhythm of doing watercolouring and drawing again, more on doing the thing I always do naturally after I graduated from university and will continue to pursue it. I have time to establish myself online and maybe on to selling myContinue reading “Creative Plan and Actions for this Summer”

Simple Atmospheric Manga Portrait Watercolour tutorial

Watercolour is a beautiful medium, you can create spontaneous washes and effect with watercolours. Why not with manga, some manga artists uses watercolour as their preferred medium. On this tutorial is about brush control and colour washes to create unique, experimental watercolour work if you are interest in both watercolours and manga. Lets go! StepContinue reading “Simple Atmospheric Manga Portrait Watercolour tutorial”