Cute Elephant Octopus

  The Elephant Octopus is a real sea creature that live in the deep-sea. I saw it on BBC Nature programs and I was amazed by it’s form. The elephant Octopus is nick named “Dumbo” because ears and huge eyes. I am thinking of creating a character of the Elephant Octopus. I love watching natural documentary because itContinue reading “Cute Elephant Octopus”

Doodle Watercolour

  Doodling womens faces with watercolour. I suddenly thought to doodle with watercolour just to pass the time and to experiment colours combinations. I brought a book recently on watercolour, it is called Collins Gem, 10-Minute Watercolours. it is a very small pocket-size book, you can easily put in your pocket for traveling around. It has handy tipsContinue reading “Doodle Watercolour”

Watercolour Practice: HollyHock Flowers

This weekend I was experimenting watercolour painting with colour and negative space techniques. I learnt using this techniques from Jean Haines’s Atmosphere Watercolours painting freedom, expression and style book ( I written a review on this book see post) on this book Jean painted Hollyhock flowers by painting on the negative areas. Creating an outlineContinue reading “Watercolour Practice: HollyHock Flowers”

Creative Plan and Actions for this Summer

Header image was done on Photoshop  My creative actions plan for this summer is getting back into rhythm of doing watercolouring and drawing again, more on doing the thing I always do naturally after I graduated from university and will continue to pursue it. I have time to establish myself online and maybe on to selling myContinue reading “Creative Plan and Actions for this Summer”

Art Book Review: Jean Haines Atmospheric Watercolour, painting freedom, Expression and style

The best watercolouring book I brought is Jean Haines’ Atmospheric Watercolour, painting freedom, Expression and style’ . It is a fantastic book for techniques and tricks in water colour painting. it is a big book, visually descriptive, easily explains, this book is a little unconventional than the other watercolour books. It has inspirational quotes andContinue reading “Art Book Review: Jean Haines Atmospheric Watercolour, painting freedom, Expression and style”