Experimenting with Watercolour Washes

  Experimenting with watercolour washes, I recently brought a book called Atmosphere Watercolours, Painting with freedom, expression and style by Jean Haines. Jane Haines is a very established watercolour artist and has really good technique on watercolour painting. I done one exercise from this book, which is the exploring control. I used my draft drawing toContinue reading “Experimenting with Watercolour Washes”

Watercolour illustration: Tranquility of Blue

   Tranquility of Blue The theme of colour is blue, I like the colour blue because it is calming and bring a scene of relaxation. i primary use blue hues to create a serenity but dramatic effect with the watercolour washes. I am beginning to work with colours more, I believe certain colours brings differentContinue reading “Watercolour illustration: Tranquility of Blue”

Page 4 and 5 of Lance Enter’s Dr.Dresser’s Study

  I experimented with the mark making and keeping the approach more simple by fusing on the drawing. I wanted to keep the integrity of tin my illustrations. It seems that my scribbles and gestural marks has more energy and brings the narrative alive. I am still developing a style of narrative, I think IContinue reading “Page 4 and 5 of Lance Enter’s Dr.Dresser’s Study”

Journal #1 Understanding my Artwork and Learning to speak Japanese.

Last week. I was working on my next pages for my comic (click here for previous post) I regularly visited the library to do drafting and drawings. I am experimenting my visual narrative language in comics. I wanted to see different approaches in the drawing style. I experimented with watercolour and ink. I think itContinue reading “Journal #1 Understanding my Artwork and Learning to speak Japanese.”

Tuesday: Continue Sketching Characters Expressions for New Comic

    Tuesday: Continue Sketching Characters Expressions for New Comic I resumed sketching my characters expressions and action for next comic pages. where Lance is being caught sneaking into Doctor Dresser’s Study room. I continue to use watercolour pencils and pens. Adding water to make the colours blend. Now i am further developing the comicContinue reading “Tuesday: Continue Sketching Characters Expressions for New Comic”

Daily Sketchbook: Character doodle for Comic

Character sketches Yesterday I went to my local library to relax and do doodle drawings on my hand made  A4 Sketchbook. I was doodling characters for my new comic I am recently working on. I used my Watercolour pencil’s to sketch the character. Also the Watercolour pencils can blended with touch of water. The mediumContinue reading “Daily Sketchbook: Character doodle for Comic”