Hans x Dom – villager love – Animal crossing FanFiction – first Draft

I started to wrote my animal crossing FanFiction. This is the first chapter I drafted out. I was going to create a PDF file but it must easier to just publish the draft on my website. I think Dom and Has are cute together. I already drew the villagers in human form (check out myContinue reading “Hans x Dom – villager love – Animal crossing FanFiction – first Draft”

Writing stories improves my characters

Writing fiction is great for developing the unique characters personalities. Putting them in scenario, how they would interact to certain situations. I wanted to write my own stories as a kid but struggled because of my dyslexia. Ince I got very bad criticism for my writing on FanFiction site. Then I relIsed how brutal theContinue reading “Writing stories improves my characters”

I Went to the Library

図書館に行きました。 I今日の朝ごはんはヨーグルトとバナナでした。 ゆで卵をは食べない(食べませんでした)。 図書館に行きました。図書館で本を読んで、本を借りました。 まだ、私の小説を書いていません。書くかどうかも決めていません。 でも、絵を描きました。 日本語を勉強していません。 お母さんはテレビを見ています。

What has helped me through my Japanese studies so far

I learnt a lot from Japanese Ammo by Misa Sensei on YouTube. She is one of the best teacher for Japanese and really break down the grammar and the vocabulary. Misa sensei teaches verbs in a simplicity method which really helps to fully understand how to conjugate verbs in Japanese. I used to rely onContinue reading “What has helped me through my Japanese studies so far”

Writing in Japanese

11時に起きて、水を飲みました。純情ロマンチカのアニメを見ている。絵を描いています。ペンで漫画を描いています。漫画が楽しみです。朝ごはんは卵とヨーグルトとナッツを食べる。晩ごはんはカレーをつくります。 いまお茶を飲んでいます。 I really want to get my Japanese writing corrected. I was scared of the feedback. I took the courage, really wanted to expand and improve my Japanese. I got two feedback corrections. It did not feel bad. They just corrected my paragraph with no problem. It actually was not that bad. In factContinue reading “Writing in Japanese”