Yaoi manga Review video by Dynamite Dylan: Love in Limbo

Yaoi manga Review video by Dynamite Dylan. Love in Limbo Title: Love in Limbo by Haji Publisher: Sublime Manga Genre: fantasy Finally, A manga Yaoi review video that is both entertaining and engaging! I really like Dylan’s style of review on this manga. He covers enough information about the plot and what it contains. ItContinue reading “Yaoi manga Review video by Dynamite Dylan: Love in Limbo”

What ASMR triggers do you like?

I heard about ASMR on YouTube before. It suppose to help with ease anxiety, aid sleep and simulated the senses. Somehow recently I accidentally click on on ASMR video. It was alright. Then I discovered on YouTube of Cat purring ASMR videos and other creative ASMR. I like the sound of cat purring it veryContinue reading “What ASMR triggers do you like?”

Artist Plays Cuphead

Cuphead is now available for the MAC Now on Steam!  I so happy and excited! I really wanted to play Cuphead since it was released. it is such a fun, challenging  games. the 1930’s cartoons are very well drawn and entraining I will be recording and playing Cuphead. I already recorded and made two episodes Continue reading “Artist Plays Cuphead”

Video: Line Work with Vector Features on Clip Studio Paint

On this video, I showing you really cool features, The vector drawing. With vector drawing and layer you can adjust the line width, erase overlaps lines with one stroke and pitch the lines to adjust them. With the vector you can create polished looking drawings. I use vector for the line work on my mangaContinue reading “Video: Line Work with Vector Features on Clip Studio Paint”

Japanese YouTubers: My Favourites

YouTube has a lot of Japanese content to watch. I was really surprised there are very good, entertaining Japanese videos to watch. I subscribe to a few YouTube who are very popular in Japan and over the world. I normally watch games videos, vlogs and travel. It also helps with recognise some vocabulary. I canContinue reading “Japanese YouTubers: My Favourites”

I learn Japanese more from YouTube than books

#Japanese#Japanese/focus#strategy I noticed I get a lot of good information learning Japanese from YouTube. I seem to understand and found the video more interesting to watch, The Japanese from Zero is good for practicing writing and reviewing the language but it won’t  help me learn how to speak it. I need to watch someone orContinue reading “I learn Japanese more from YouTube than books”